Friday, April 17, 2009

Nate-ism - Lisa I feel yor pain !

Me: (trying to teach Nate about fractions and inequalities)See this pie - it only has one out of four slices left that's 1/4(th) - this pie has three out of four slices left or 3/4(ths). So which one would is greater ? (meaning greater than or less than)

Nate: Blank stare

Me: Which one has the most - you know - which one would you want ?

Nate: I would want the 1/4 because I don't really like pie.


Monday, April 13, 2009

About an egg . . .

Okay - so I have to admit - I was not up for Easter. I was in Utah, enjoying my family, sleeping in, having my mom bring me a cinnamon roll or John bring me a toasted bagel from Einstein's for breakfast. We were eating at Cafe Rio every chance we got (and could afford) and basically just hanging out.

Then came Thursday, the day we had to leave to get home in time to prepare a YW lesson for Easter Sunday, get the house ready for Easter Sunday and make sure that the Easter Bunny had everything ready for Easter Sunday. Because I don't know about you, but our Easter Bunny requires a lot of help from Mom.

Naturally I resented Thursday. It meant the end of being a happy slug and the beginning of being a responsible human being again.

this is a happy slug - FYI

At any rate - We came home, did laundry, bought groceries, saw friends, did more laundry, searched sugardoodle for lesson materials, borrowed videos (thanks McArthurs), made A LOT of cream puffs and got rained on (which is really another post but don't you love it how when it rains other places people run for cover and when it rains in Bakersfield people (including me) go out and stand in it ?) In other words, we got to work.

these aren't my cream puffs - I stole this picture from google

Sunday morning came. Again, I don't know about your Easter bunny, but when ours gets to our house he for some reason thinks it's naptime and has to be awakened to go hide the danged eggs at 6am. The eggs were hidden.

The two big girls had no interest in hunting for eggs. They preferred to retrieve their candy and iTunes gift cards from their baskets and then go back to sleep. The two little ones however, were aching to go hunt.

I thought to myself, I look forward to the day that my kids have outgrown all this stuff. (I know - sad) But, I did think it and I do admit it. I mean, they've been finding the same eggs in the same spots for their whole lives. At any rate, they grabbed their baskets and their shoes (stickers in the backyard) and went after it.

Soon I heard it . . .
"I found one!",
"Look over there Nathan!"
"Daddy, why did the Easter Bunny put that one so high - doesn't he know how short we are ?" "Here's one!"
"I saw that one first!"
"This one has a dollar in it !"
I hoped that my neighbors (retired on both sides) were up and enjoying this. Is it possible that they could be having this much fun finding cheap plastic eggs filled with cheap (well not that cheap - I have holiday candy standards) candy and one dollar bills ?

They proceeded to come inside and dump the eggs, baskets and paper grass ( a lesson learned after many years of "Easter Bunnying - vacuum cleaners like paper grass better than plastic) all over the living room floor. They were honestly having a great time.

I guess it's all worth it . . . go figure.

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