Friday, October 10, 2008

This is why I live in California

We get a couple weeks in the fall and a couple weeks in the spring that are perfect ! Lows above 50 and highs below 80 - We are loving our long sleeved, down east shirts and even a sweatshirt now and again ! The other 48 weeks of the year here in Bake-town are pretty questionable - but today the weather is perfect ! I'll stay. (Oh yeah - and there's that scenery two posts down that keeps me here too! We love the locean)

FFF -My Huz going "Commando"

This is John and our oldest nephew Tom (he's my age) - Tom has a sever preoccupation with assault weapons and the like. These two were out doing some major damage to an old junk yard and decided to catch the moment for posterity!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last weekend we went to Ventura for a Memorial Service for Aunt Debbie ! We couldn't resist a few minutes visiting the "lotion"!

Somebody set me straight !

I’m trying to think of something really intelligent to say. You know, like I’m a deep thinker and I have this whole Prop 8 thing figured out. Don’t misunderstand. I know how I’m voting and I know most of the reasons why. I’m just unclear about teaching my children.

You see, the world I was raised in saw different colors of people. I would love to say that I was raised in a home with no racial prejudices, but I wasn’t . I hope I don’t offend my parents by saying that. But it is how I feel. It is not, however, how we have raised our children. I know that my children see the differences between themselves and others (skin color, hair color, race, religion) but I can truly say that these differences do not figure into who they choose to be around or have as friends. They rarely mention whether a friend has different color skin. They have been “desensitized” to these differences. They accept others for who they are and judge them according to their choices and their behavior. I am thankful for that.

I do not want my children to think that they can “dislike” a person only because they are gay. I do not want my children to sit in judgment of a gay person. It is not our job. I do not want my children to think that they are “better” than someone else because of “sexual preference.” However, I do not want them “desensitized” on this subject. Is that wrong ? Have I been desensitized ? Am I giving to much leeway to this “lifestyle choice”? or am I teaching tolerance and love for all mankind ? How do you make it clear that - Heavenly Father loves everyone and therefore we should do the same. However, we think that the way of life that they believe has chosen them, is morally wrong and a sin and therefore we must wage a full scale war against their so called “right” to make it legal. I believe this. Truly, I do. Is it just that this is too complicated to explain to an 8 year old and yet because I have a “Yes on Proposition 8” bumper sticker on my van that I am compelled, by his questions to do so.

I watched as Ellen Degeneres talked to John McCain about the subject. Why did I feel sympathy for her ? I agreed with John McCain whole heartedly, I just felt sorry for Ellen. Could someone please set me
straight ? (no pun intended) Tell me what you tell your kids. Tell me how you balance “Love One Another” with “avoid even the appearance of evil”.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Same Movie - More favorite quotes !

"Look there's a band"
"Well then quit callin' me !"
"Oh, I'm not trying to land him, I'm just using him for sex."
"She's wonderful! Where ever did you find her?
"I'm a safety girl"
"Oops... slippery little suckers"

The list goes on- this movie is a fam favorit - must be because of the message huh ?

Movie Quote Monday

Okay- so this was a rated "R" movie. But it's been on TV so many times now that everyone should have seen it !! So - no excuses !

"You people work on commission, right?
Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now. "

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