Saturday, November 8, 2008

FFF (on Saturday) - This is for you mom !

Justin, Natalie and Brandon approx - 1998-99 - I can't remember ! But isn't it just the cutest picture !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Over !!

I am officially removing the "YES ON 8" gadget from my blog. While I am grateful to have been able to work on something that was obviously so important - I am SO glad it's over. And while some may some it's too soon to say "for sure" - it looks like all of our hard work has paid off. So until we meet again (because I'm fairly sure we will) - farewell to this issue !

Monday, November 3, 2008

And Last but not least . . . Movie Quote Monday

"A needlepoint sweater and a mini-van. I'll be back in about eight minutes. "

Some stuff I learned driving to and from Utah by myself with my four kiddos !

1. No matter how many times you tell a teenager to pack her stuff , she will still wait until the last minute and she will definitely forget something.

2. Make them pee every time you stop

3. Plug the DVD player in at the front console so that you have complete control

4. Don't bother with the trash cans - they're going to throw their garbage on the floor anyway

5. My van does NOT take 85% Ethanol gasoline

6. The Burger King in Baker is NASTY !!

7. Some pictures of Donny and Marie are just too big !

8. Cafe Rio is practically empty on Sunday (oops)

9. The "all day in the car" cabin fever that will set in about State Line ( on the way home) will only be exacerbated by french fries and milk shakes !

10. The cabin fever/sugar high created by the milkshakes will cause TERRIBLE "Your Mama" jokes but will be over in about 20 minutes.

Oh Ya - and Cafe Rio TWICE !!

It's Great to be 8

We spent this past weekend in Utah with my sister's family for Dylan's Baptism. It was a short visit but so wonderful. The driving was easy, the kids were great and the weather was mild. Here are all of our cute cousins after the baptism !

We spent Halloween in Utah with our cousins !! It was super fun and GREAT weather (surprise !)

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