Friday, April 3, 2009


This is how I feel today ! "Do I have to come out from under the covers ?"

Thursday, April 2, 2009

YEA !! Nate has a tooth !!

Nate came home with great news today ! -

Let me preface this by explaining that my teeth are/were a disaster - As a kid I had missing permanent teeth, incisors in my palate and other bazaar anomalies. One of the teeth that I didn't have was my upper right lateral incisor or #7 (the one just to the right of your middle two teeth - be impressed - I worked in dentistry for 6+ years) Consequently I had to have teeth extracted, surgically wired to my braces, moved around and bonded with vaneers to get what I now call my smile. It's not perfect but I guess it was worth it because it's better than gaps or half formed teeth. I digress.

Nate lost his "baby" upper right lateral incisor (I think D - but we didn't see a lot of kids in perio so I never learned to count baby teeth !) over a year ago and alas - no permanent tooth. I forgot to ask for a full mouth set of x-rays before his last dental visit (it doesn't show on the little bite wings that they take) so it was scheduled for next time. I've been so worried that genetics would doom the poor kid to endure all the ortho and various other "treatments" that I had to fix this.

But - Great News! - a tender mercy has allowed for a permanent tooth ! YEA!!! It's just barely breaking through but appears to be normal ( I had one that wasn't fully formed - PRETTY !) So one more dentistry bullet dodged ! I'll post a pic when it comes in all the way. (because I know your dying to see it !)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Quote Monday *****

"What if that had been poop? "

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