Thursday, May 7, 2009

BYU Women's Conference '09

Okay - so here are a bunch of pics of a bunch of people that you mostly don't know and a few that you might know. My Sister was a Service commitee leader for the Crocheted Hair Flowers ( you can see us sporting these darling little things in a few of the pics !)that will be sent to hospitals and shelters. The sisters attending Women's Crocheted over 1000 of them and them me and Tiff and Kelly and Michele (Bills-Talbot, Bills-Chisolm respectively) sat up way too late sorting, tying off and gluing little gems and hair clips onto them. (There was some Dairy Queen involved) And we have the hot glue burns to show for it !!

The Conference was wonderful as usual and the weather was beautiful which is NOT the usual. We ate too much and slept too little and took the shuttle a little more than last year. Some of us even caught a couple naps (I won't mention any names like Kell"Y" !) Can't wait til next year !!

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