Friday, August 8, 2008

Erin's Gift !
Erin has always loved to help in the kitchen but yesterday she took a new step. She baked this cake, FROM SCRATCH, all by herself, made the frosting, FROM SCRATCH, all by herself and cleaned up the mess ! AMAZING ! She's our official family baker.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our First Time In a Police Car !
This morning John and I went on our walk on the bike path with Elsie. We always walk from the Elephant Bar out to the end of the homes just before the reservoir. Today, as we got to our "turn around" point, we found that we were being followed (actually he just seemed to appear out of nowhere)by a VERY sturdy looking, pit bullish dog. He had jaws that looked like he could snap a tree trunk with one bite and stripes like a tiger. He didn't growl or do anything aggressive but I still picked Elsie up just to be sure. He appraoched us and was very interested in Elsie so I handed her over to John as we walked for the pure reason that he was taller and could keep her away from the stray because he was jumping up trying to get to her. We were very nervous and switched from the bike path to the neighborhood street so we could get to someone if the dog got anymore aggressive (it was actually very scary - we couldn't shake this dog and he could have done some serious damage)Finally we passed a house with a police car in front and as we considered whether we should wake this officer on what appeared to be his Sunday morning off - the garage door opened !! We were so grateful that this particular officer was off to get his Sunday morning coffee! He was so nice and called for animal control. He had his wife get his taser just in case but the dog insisted on following us so we couldn't really leave. So, the police officer offered to drive us somewhere - we told his we were parked at the Elephant Bar and he said "great - get in !" So John, Elsie and I got to ride in the back seat of his patrol car - I don't know why this is cool to me but John got a kick out of it as well. This crazy dog kept circling the police car and finally the officer just had to gun it to get away - NUTS ! Anyway - we got back to our car and all was well but made for an interesting morning ! And AGAIN ! made us regret being on the bike path WITHOUT our camera !

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